Benefits of Baby Oil That You Must Know

benefits of baby oil that is of course not you guys would have thought of before. Check out whats are the benefits of baby oil?

7 Benefits of Garlic for Health and Beauty

Single garlic which is also often referred to as garlic lanang is one type of garlic. In general, the garlic is composed of multiple cloves, but the single garlic clove consists of only one (single).

5 advantage of consume Green Grape Daily

Grape is name of fruit that almost all people around the world know well. Most people love to consume grape fruit. Just for interlude or daily fruit. Not only the sweet taste but also the benefit of grape that can make human body healthy is why people love to consume grape. Grape itself has 3 species, Red Grape, Black Grape, and Green Grape. Most people love to consume Red and Black grape because they have more sweet taste than green grape.

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Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair Male

the purpose of pubic hairs

Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair Male - The man is concerned there is hair on their heads. Yet very few are paying attention to even take care of pubic hair. Only when they will do a sexual relationship, they begin to pay attention to it. It was only done by a few men alone.

Benefits of Trimming Pubic Hair

In fact, shaving the pubic hair or at least give him many benefits. Can't believe it? Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained by men if shaving their pubic hairand take care of, such as offered by Health Me Up (19/12).

1. Hygiene

Heat, sweat, and bacteria around the crotch area in a private man, especially on thepubic hair. By shaving or at least trimming pubic hair, cleanliness of the personal area will be maintained. This will prevent man from various types of unwanted bacterial infection.

 pros and cons of shaving pubic area male

2. create an erection look larger

Pubic hair often covering Mr. P you. This will make the Mr. P looks smaller than it should be. Pubic hair shaving will make Mr. P looks clear and appear larger. Even when experiencing an erection, Mr p. would be visible at least an inch longer.

3. Look more healthy

Private parts are clean and well maintained will look healthier. Mr. P clean any shows that you are not exposed to any infection. This also helps keep the Mr. P in order to remain healthy. In addition, if there are things that you don't want, such as a red rash, you will more quickly know when Mr. P clean and not covered by pubic hair.

what happens if you don't shave your pubic area

4. More attractive

Pubic hair shaving will make Mr. P looks more clean and attractive. No doubt the pair will be more pleased with Mr P that looks cleaner than it looks slovenly. Pubic hairespecially could make the pair feel free to perform oral sex. For that, make sure you always maintain the cleanliness and appearance of Mr. P with shaved pubic hair.

5. increase the sensitivity

The skin around the private areas have high sensitivity is useful when sexual intercourse. However by the presence of pubic hair that is not well maintained, often skin sensitivity will be reduced, and any sex feels no thrill. By trimming their pubic, the skin will be easily affordable and sex feels more fun.

That's some of the benefits that can be obtained with men shave or at least take care of pubic hair. So don't be lazy to care for him anymore, so that more privateareas clean and healthy.

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7 Amazing Benefits of alcohol to health, people rarely know it!

Alcohol and Cancer Risk Fact
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7 Amazing Benefits of alcohol to health, people rarely know it! - The benefits of alcohol for the health of the body is diverse, ranging from mild illness to overcome the illness. Indeed there is not a lot of people know about it, which they know is just another evil of alcohol.

Alcohol can indeed cause a lot of danger for the body, but if consumed in excess. When alcohol is consumed constantly can make a person sleepy, unconscious even drunk.

So, no wonder if the Government makes the rules prevent the release of alcohol in Indonesia. But, nobody expect If alcohol has many benefits for health.

This is proven health experts and doctors who do research on alcohol. Curious with the benefits of alcohol for your life? This is the rare alcohol benefits people know.

Alcohol for Reduce High Blood Pressure

The benefits of alcohol first is capable of lowering high blood pressure when consumed with a low dose. In this condition the alcohol cleans the fat deposits in arterieswhile reducing blood clotting.

Meaning able to decrease the risk of the exposed heart disease and sudden heart attack. But for heart disease are known to be a very deadly disease feared.

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Reduce risk to disease stroke

In addition to reducing high blood pressure, alcohol is also beneficial to minimize the risk to disease stroke. But, the benefit was obtained during the reasonable limit consume alcohol.

The most common type of stroke that strikes a lot of people are ischemic strokes. A stroke is caused due to a blockage of the blood vessels to the brain.

Whereas other types of stroke i.e. hemoragik stroke caused by blood leaking out ofblood vessels in the brain. Surely a stroke can be prevented and minimized, have them consume alcohol with servings just right.

benefits of alcohol for healthy sleep
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Improve sleep quality

The benefits of alcohol next is improving the quality of sleep at night, so excited running activity. Many people who experience sleep disturbances or called insomnia. Alcohol can handle it well because it contains the sleepy effects.

To obtain the benefits, you have to consume alcohol appropriate doses recommended by the doctor. You need to know the recommended dosage to improve sleep quality is nothing more than a glass.

Keep the cardiovascular health

A study revealed that the alcohol in the appropriate levels can increase the levels ofhigh density lipoprotein or good cholesterol.

High levels of good cholesterol can raise protection against heart disease. drinking alcohol in moderate levels also give useful changes i.e. insulin sensitivity the better. This can improve clotting in the blood.

The process is good to prevent small blood clots that could clog arteries in the heart, brain and neck.

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Enhance the warmth of the body

Cold temperatures make body shiver and interfere with health and daily activities. Then, take advantage of alcohol to warm the body. that's why the people of Europe and America with the intensity of winter consume alcohol to warm her body.

benefits of alcohol to increase libido
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Increase libido

The benefits of alcohol next to increase libido are decrease erectile dysfunction up to 25-30%. But, remember drink it should be with the right dose of Yes. Ask for the advice of a doctor when it wants to consume it.

Reduce the risk of diseases of kidney stones

A study from the University of East Anglia reveal alcohol consumption with the normal range could suppress the disease of kidney stones.

That's the alcohol's benefits to the health of the body. Consume alcohol in the exact doses do not overdo it, because of the negative impact to the body. It's interesting talking about the benefits of alcohol.

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Benefits of Wear Hijab

benefits of using the veil of islam and science.
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Benefits of using the hijab in islam and science, it turns out that hijab is not just using protect hair from the Sun, because a great many of the benefits that can be gained when we use the veil, both in terms of health, social or political. Well, in this article we will discuss the benefits of using the veil of islam and science.

Benefits of using the Hijab in Islam and science

When God commanded something to creatures impossible without the benefit of it, all the commands of God surely provide tremendous benefits for creatures so that their life for the better. Below are listed some of the benefits of veiled in islam:

1. Congratulations from adzab God (adzab hell)

"There are two kinds of residents of hell never seen before; a group of men holding a whip like cows, their whipping man with him. And those women who are dressed but naked, misguided and misleading, that on them there is something similar to the camel hump. They (the women like this) will not go to heaven and will not smell it. While the smell of paradise that wafted from a far distance "(narrated by Muslim).

Imam An-Nawawi ra. explain that the definition of "women who dressed but naked" are those who close a portion of his body and saw others with the intention of demonstrating her beauty.

"Those women who are dressed but naked" are those who close a portion of his body and saw others with the intention of demonstrating her beauty.

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2. Avoid abuse

The large number of sexual harassment against women is due to the behaviour of their own. Because women constitute slander (temptation). As the words of the Prophet Muhammad.

If women in the age of the Apostles was the largest libel for men whereas women at this age consistently against their hijab and not many evil men at that time, then how the women days now? Surely it will be the target of abuse.

3. Keep the jealousy of men

The nature of jealousy is the nature that have the Almighty God to instill the hearts of men to keep women's self-esteem that became mahramnya. Jealousy is a commendable trait in Islam.

"God is jealous, and the faithful are also jealous. The jealousy of God is if a believer does come up what forbidden him. " (Narrated By Muslim).

If the veil were stripped, jealousy of men will be lost. So if there is no abuse that will defend.

4. Be like the angels in heaven

"In heaven that there are maidens that subjecting his views, they had never touched a man or Jinn ever before." (QS. Ar-Rahman: 56).

"They're like jewels yakut and marjan." (QS. Ar Rahman: 5).

With a veiled, women will have properties like the angels of heaven. I.e. subjecting the view, never touched by the mahramnya, which is not always at home to keep the honor himself. It is this woman is jewelry that is extremely valuable.

With a veiled, women will have properties like the angels of heaven.

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disease caused by exposed to sunlight directly
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Benefits of Veiled In Science View

Well, this is just a small part of the benefits of veiled in islam. Now let's look at the benefits of veiled in science:

1. prevents from skin disease

It turns out the hijab prevents it from various skin diseases, as most skin diseases caused by the Sun. The energy contained in sunlight UV rays i.e. the light disappeared and has 3 different wavelengths, i.e., waves A, B, c. A Wave can cause skin burn when exposed to x-rays in a long time, then the wave B can cause cancer of the skin exposed to the Sun after several years and wave C is the wave of the rays of the most dangerous and deadly. The wave C is often used in sterilization due to powerful in killing bacteria or a virus. Then the veil is the solution in protecting skin from the Sun.

Below are some of the possible disease caused by exposed to sunlight directly:

a) Surburn (sunburn)

Subrurn is burns due to sunburn that is simply applied to exceed durability of leather. This one disease usually occurs in people who are bright-skinned, because the durability of the Peel is only able to survive from the rays of the Sun about a quarter hour, while dark-skinned able to survive the Sun's shine about 3-4 hours.

b) Solar keratoses (inflammation of the outer skin for the Sun)

This one disease usually occurs because often exposed to the Sun. Its shape is like the rough scales

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The Unexpected Benefits of Baby Oil For Daily Activity

This time we will give some explanations about the benefits of baby oil that is of course not you guys would have thought of before. Check out whats are the benefits of baby oil?

The Unexpected Benefits of Baby Oil For Daily Activity
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1. Lubricants for the Zipper Jammed

Bag or clothes with zipper the long-disused gets bogged down, it is a reasonable thing. And in the end we must willingly leave it closed, or sometimes we enforce open until finally it breaks down and zippers should be replaced. But we need not bother to return it as they are.

You just simply use baby oil as lubricant so that the zipper wasn't stuck anymore. It's better than you should wear goring or more, because it will make your bag or odor. It's easy enough,  applying baby oil in a part of the zipper jammed, and slightly move zipper slowly. As a result, zipper also became a lancer.

2. Lubricant stucked ring

For those of you who like to wear the ring, would you guys ever experienced that name stuck, or ring the ring dont get out of your fingers. Well if you already like this, do not impose to remove the ring from your hand without any tools. Because it will hurt your fingers.

Well the answer is, you can use baby oil to release the tour ring. The trick is also the same with the previous one, you simply slathered in baby oil around the fingers and the ring, then slowly release the ring from your fingers with a circular motion. Any ring can get off easily without harming your fingers.

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Baby Oil For
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3. Take off the adhesive bandage without pain

You guys certainly never used plaster sores when there are parts of the skin you are hurt. Well, it definitely hurts right when releasing the plaster? Just use baby oil to release the plaster from upon you.

The way is with a slathering the skin area the outskirts of plaster with baby oil. Make sure everything is covered by with baby oil evenly. Then let sit a few moments until the baby oil seeped into the upon you. Only then you can pull the plaster slowly from upon you without pain.

4. Polish for leather shoes

For those of you who love collecting shoes leather, you guys definitely know if leather shoes should be noted in particular if compared to other shoes. Leather shoe polish so frequently have to stay clean and shiny.

Well, if you don't have the Polish or polish for shoes, you can avoid using baby oil. It's easy, you simply pour a little baby oil on a clean cloth, then clean all parts to avoid shoes with a cloth. And eventually the shoe will look to avoid like new.

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Baby Oil
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5. Clean the paint from Skin

Well, this one really could be for you who love to get creative with paint. When you with the exact paint, your hand will not be free from paint stains. Now there is an easy way of giving your hand made from paint stains, i.e. by using baby oil.

How, you just need to put baby oil on the affected skin staining paint. Afterwards, wipe with a clean rag or water use. Paint stains on the skin will also be much more easily cleaned than before.

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Great Benefits of Soursop For Healthy Life

Benefits of Soursop
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Our topic this time is for the health benefits of soursop fruit. Before stepping into the topic, at least we know the origin of the first fruit of this one. Soursop is a plant that comes from America matched with a tropical climate like Indonesia. Soursop can get to Indonesia because there is an invader who took it and then planted in Indonesia. In Indonesia the fruit is favored by all people and is believed to be one powerful traditional medicine to cure some chronic diseases. This plant has a scientific classification, which is the kingdom Plantae, the order is magnoliales, families are Annonaceae, the species is A. muricata, and binomial name is Annona muricata. 

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Soursop Fruit Benefits For Health

The efficacy or health benefits for the soursop fruit assortment, and a potent cure some diseases instantly. In the medical world this fruit is proven able to help cure all kinds of cancer. Actually, these benefits been a long time in the presence of several research studies that exist, but because a company has a lot of money for such research and they choose to hide their own studies that can be used alone.

The benefits of Soursop fruit

A study abroad also proved that the soursop can cope with various diseases, among others kill cancer cells in the body. But it can not kill infected cells that are not cancer cells. All parts of this plant such as fruit, leaves, flowers, seeds, and stems can be used to make anti-cancer herb. The second is to prevent infection and attack bacteria that attacks the immune system. The third well to help refresh patients who are going through a period of healing. To consume the fruit of this one, you could make it into a fresh soursop juice and of course the benefits of soursop juice is still the same, although I consume indirectly.

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Soursop Fruit Benefits

In these fruits contain ascorbic acid that serves as an addition to the existing amount of antioxidants in the body, and to fight free radicals. Constipation can also be overcome by this fruit. In the development of this fruit can increase energy and improve the physical, so the fruit is suitable for consumption by all people who want to do the activities and physical exertion. Enough review about the benefits of soursop fruits to health, although only a few may be beneficial for all. Keep the spirit and always keep yourself in order to stay healthy.

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Benefits of Mango for Health and Beauty

Benefits of Mango for Health and Beauty

Benefits of Mango for Health and Beauty
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Benefits of Mango for Health and Beauty - Mango or in Latin language "Mangifera indica" comes from bombay, India and area around the foothills of Himalayas. That's where the fruit originally comes and then spread all around the world. Even then there spread to Europe, including Africa and Asia.

Benefits of Mango for Human Health

•    Can be used as a prophylactic cancer.
•    Capable of lowering cholesterol levels that are not good for our bodies
•    Helping gave good nutrition and healthy for eyes
•    Can protect your digestion because it has a lot of fiber which will help facilitate digestion.
•    Can keep body so it is always in fit condition and improve our immune resistance against various diseases
•    Mango fruit is also very good and beneficial for pregnant women, especially mango is not foreign to frequently sought by women who are craving
•    Can help increase insulin levels
•    Glycemic contain levels are low, so that when diabetics eating mangoes will not harm
•    By drinking mango juice will make our body become fresher and reduce body fatigue
•    Minimize heat in body
•    Can be used as a disinfectant for body.
•    Can help cleanse blood
•    Able to lose excessive body odor on body
•    Can help to stabilize heart rate
•    Enabling contraction in muscles
•    Normalize blood pressure on body
•    Can be used to maintain health of mouth and throat
•    Treat influenza diseases
•    Prevent and heal Asthma
•    Prevent and heal bleeding gums
•    Prevent and heal Inflammation of throat
•    Treat and reduce impact of intestinal worm
•    Prevent and heal menstrual disorders
•    Prevent and heal Hernia
•    Prevent and heal Rheumatism
•    And many more benefits that can make human body healthier.

you have to see the benefit of watermelon

Benefits of Mango for Beauty

•    Able to assist in treatment of skin diseases such as boil, ulcers etc.
•    Can help prevent premature aging because of mango fruit contains anti-oxidants that can help prevent any future signs of aging such as wrinkles etc. make face to stay young.
•    Being able to help brighten back skin that was burned by sun
•    Can be used as a natural fruit masks to keep sensitive skin
•    Helps make skin look more radiant and fresh
•    Treating blackheads stacked body
•    Can be consumed during diet because it can help in your diet program
•    Able to accelerate particular infection caused by acne
•    Can help speed removal of dead skin cells or help regenerate skin
•    Keeping skin to stay awake elasticity
•    Helps soften skin

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The Amazing Benefits of Watermelon

The amazing benefits of watermelon
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The Amazing Benefits of Watermelon - Watermelon is a kind of juicy fruit. This fruit is very suitable to consume when the day are quite hot. This is because almost 90 percent of the content of the watermelon consists of water. Most of us would like to consume this juicy fruit. However, in addition to substitute for relieving thirst, innumerable health benefits of watermelon for human body. So, what are the amazing benefits of watermelon for the health of human body?

Watermelon contains a variety of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, potassium, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and fiber that is needed by body. Therefore, begin providing watermelon as one of desserts on each of your daily menu. Content of various nutrients and vitamins are abundant in watermelon helps preserve and maintain health of each person's body. This article will reveal the benefits of watermelon that you may not know.

Here are the amazing benefits of watermelon:

1. Watermelon as an Antidote to Premature Aging

Nutrients that found in watermelon as lycopene, vitamins A and C, counteract free radicals that attack skin. Exposure to direct sunlight on the skin causing fine lines in your skin, make you look older. Antioxidants in watermelon helps reduce pile of free radicals in body. Consumption of watermelon regularly to prevent signs of premature aging of your beautiful skin. And keep your body look great and beautiful.

2. Keeping Skin Moist

If your skin is dry skin types, watermelon can be used as the best fruit intake. Because watermelons own a high water content so as to keep the moisture in your skin. In addition to giving the skin moist, eating watermelon also keeps body avoid dehydration.

3. Reduce Sebum (Oil) on Face

The big pores of the skin can lead oil glands to work excessive, and then oil on face of it would be very easy to get out. Watermelon fruit with a high content of Vitamin A can minimize problem of oil on face.

4. Rejuvenate Skin

Make watermelon as mask can rejuvenate dull skin. Excellent for regeneration of skin cells that die. It will make your face lot younger than the truth.

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