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The Benefit and Advantage of Honey

The benefit and advantage of honey
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The benefit and advantage of honey - The benefit and advantage of honey is known from long time ago. Honey is known as very beneficial food for health in all around the world. Besides honey can be directly consumed cause the taste that so sweet, honey also can be a food supplement, as juice supplement, and many more usefulness of honey.

Here are some benefits of honey for health that very useful for you:

1.    Alcohol Metabolism

Here are Honey’s benefits that would make people with alcoholism feel more surgeless, but will be better if stop consume alcohol.
NYU Langone Medical Center said that honey that directly drunk can increase body ability to do alcohol Metabolism. This ability will prevent alcohol poisoned and decrease alcohol’s level in the body.

2.    Eliminate Allergens

For you that has seasonal allergies here honey has benefit to eliminate your Allergies.
Many people have been tried and rely on honey for combating the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Honey has Anti –inflammatory effect that known can shooting cough. But need to know this Honey’s benefit for treat allergies is not clinically tested. Although honey has many facts from expert that said that honey is contained the traces of flower pollen and exposures to allergens that works to combat allergic reactions.

3.    Fight Bacteria

In clinical study, honey has been proven can kill disease pathogens like E. Coli, Salmonella, Methicillin-resistant, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

4.    Prevent Lack of White Blood Cells

Mayo clinic(Online health website) record that honey can be use as promising and inexpensive ways to prevent low white blood cells that caused by chemotherapy. In a small test, 40% cancer patient that known in neutropenia risk (very low blood counts) not has decreasing cell more from chemotherapy after consume 2 tea spoon every day as long as chemotherapy. Study in higher level is needed, but this honey’s benefit has high potential.

5.    Improve Human Body Metabolism

From long ago, honey has been trusted by people that honey is important food for take good care body metabolism. Clearly, this is because honey is one from many foods that rich of healthy nutrients, like Vitamin, minerals, and all of content in honey has benefits for human health. Not only honey Eggplant also has Benefit for Human Health.

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