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Benefits from the Pleasure a Cup of Coffee

Benefits from the Pleasure a Cup of Coffee
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Benefits from the Pleasure a Cup of Coffee - Drink coffee is activity that loved by many people. When enjoy tv, spend time with family, in the morning before go to work is time that many people enjoy coffee. Not only to enjoy your life or time, drink coffee in normal amount is also give many benefits for human health.

Coffee has many kinds, from Arabica, Liberica, Robusta, Dewevrei. They are has their own unique taste but the most people like Liberica because Liberica has the most delicious taste. But not care to the taste, coffee also has many benefits for human health.

Here are some benefits of coffee for human health:

1. Increase Stamina

Coffee has high content of caffeine. Adenosines in human body have function to make sleepy in brain. Caffeine in coffee make cell in human body work slower, so make body fresh much longer.

2. Protect mouth health

Coffee also has anti-bacteria properties that very well for mouth. This is help healing process for cavity, sprue and another oral cavity problem faster. Of course coffee has big change to prevent oral cancer.

3. Prevent Cancer

Anti-oxidant content in coffee help to push the risk of cancer symptom in human body. Research in Japan which is conducted by women that consume coffee twice a day, the risk of colon cancer risk if decrease 25%. this benefit of coffee is same as the benefit of garlic. garlic also has benefit to Prevent Cancer

4. Reduce Percentage of Diabetes Risk

Absorption of sugar can be resisted by drinking coffee. Chlorogenic acid content in coffee will increase the formation of insulin. The experts have proved diabetes disease in human can be decreased 25% by the benefits of coffee.

5. Reduce Alzheimer and Dementia Disease Risk

Alzheimer's is a disease that mostly strikes people over the age of 65 years upwards . Coffee has been proven able to enhance the protection against diseases associated with degradation of nerve function

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  1. I always thought coffee was bad for human heath but after going through this blog I regret why I didn’t know this before. I will drink coffee next time to increase my stamina for studying.