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7 Amazing Benefits of alcohol to health, people rarely know it!

Alcohol and Cancer Risk Fact
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7 Amazing Benefits of alcohol to health, people rarely know it! - The benefits of alcohol for the health of the body is diverse, ranging from mild illness to overcome the illness. Indeed there is not a lot of people know about it, which they know is just another evil of alcohol.

Alcohol can indeed cause a lot of danger for the body, but if consumed in excess. When alcohol is consumed constantly can make a person sleepy, unconscious even drunk.

So, no wonder if the Government makes the rules prevent the release of alcohol in Indonesia. But, nobody expect If alcohol has many benefits for health.

This is proven health experts and doctors who do research on alcohol. Curious with the benefits of alcohol for your life? This is the rare alcohol benefits people know.

Alcohol for Reduce High Blood Pressure

The benefits of alcohol first is capable of lowering high blood pressure when consumed with a low dose. In this condition the alcohol cleans the fat deposits in arterieswhile reducing blood clotting.

Meaning able to decrease the risk of the exposed heart disease and sudden heart attack. But for heart disease are known to be a very deadly disease feared.

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Reduce risk to disease stroke

In addition to reducing high blood pressure, alcohol is also beneficial to minimize the risk to disease stroke. But, the benefit was obtained during the reasonable limit consume alcohol.

The most common type of stroke that strikes a lot of people are ischemic strokes. A stroke is caused due to a blockage of the blood vessels to the brain.

Whereas other types of stroke i.e. hemoragik stroke caused by blood leaking out ofblood vessels in the brain. Surely a stroke can be prevented and minimized, have them consume alcohol with servings just right.

benefits of alcohol for healthy sleep
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Improve sleep quality

The benefits of alcohol next is improving the quality of sleep at night, so excited running activity. Many people who experience sleep disturbances or called insomnia. Alcohol can handle it well because it contains the sleepy effects.

To obtain the benefits, you have to consume alcohol appropriate doses recommended by the doctor. You need to know the recommended dosage to improve sleep quality is nothing more than a glass.

Keep the cardiovascular health

A study revealed that the alcohol in the appropriate levels can increase the levels ofhigh density lipoprotein or good cholesterol.

High levels of good cholesterol can raise protection against heart disease. drinking alcohol in moderate levels also give useful changes i.e. insulin sensitivity the better. This can improve clotting in the blood.

The process is good to prevent small blood clots that could clog arteries in the heart, brain and neck.

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Enhance the warmth of the body

Cold temperatures make body shiver and interfere with health and daily activities. Then, take advantage of alcohol to warm the body. that's why the people of Europe and America with the intensity of winter consume alcohol to warm her body.

benefits of alcohol to increase libido
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Increase libido

The benefits of alcohol next to increase libido are decrease erectile dysfunction up to 25-30%. But, remember drink it should be with the right dose of Yes. Ask for the advice of a doctor when it wants to consume it.

Reduce the risk of diseases of kidney stones

A study from the University of East Anglia reveal alcohol consumption with the normal range could suppress the disease of kidney stones.

That's the alcohol's benefits to the health of the body. Consume alcohol in the exact doses do not overdo it, because of the negative impact to the body. It's interesting talking about the benefits of alcohol.

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  1. I do not agree with your opinion in the post. It may have some benefits as you have mentioned but it is no way healthy for the body. It negatively effects your heart health.