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Benefit of Eggplant for better life


Benefit of Eggplant for Better Life


Benefit of Eggplant for better life - Eggplant, this vegetable may is very popular in all around the world. Many people love consume eggplant, but still there some who doesn’t. For anyone who doesn’t like consume eggplant, you must read this article about eggplant’s benefit. Eggplant is food that contained with high nutrient that has many benefit for human health.

Here are some benefits if you consume eggplant:

1.    Very good to take care heart health.

Study that be done by expert to animals is show very good results. Eggplant can help decrease bad cholesterol in blood, so make blood circulation smoother. Anti-oxidants content in eggplant is prevent oxidative stress in cardiovascular system. And because that reason, the risk of heart disease will highly reduced.

2.    To take good care of brain health.

Another compound that contained in eggplant is nasunin and anthocyanin that have ability to keep brain in good condition.

3.    Rich of fiber.

A cup of eggplant juice is contained around 8% of DV fiber food. Fiber will help digestion and also lowering weight. Not only that, fiber also equalize human body metabolize.

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4.    High Vitamin B.

Eggplant has highly content of vitamin B. Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B6 are contained in eggplant. Vitamin B is very good for central nerve system, energy production, equalize hormone, and take good care of liver.

5.    Keep bone healthy and strong.

Eggplant has many minerals content. And all that minerals are very needed by bone to keep strong and healthy.

6.    Prevent cancer

Many doctors and scientist believe that compound that contained in eggplant very effective to cure some of skin cancer. Phytochemical that also known as BEC5 is believed can kill cancer cell without harm healthy cell. BEC5 in long time ago was work for thousand cases, especially in Australia and England, with level of success almost 100% if used for 12 weeks. There is report that conflict about FDA and effectiveness that not approved of using in US. It’s still not known certainly, is getting BEC5 from consume eggplants can help prevention or treat cancer.

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