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The Benefits of Maintaining Ornamental Fish

The Benefits of Maintaining Ornamental Fish
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The Benefits of Maintaining Ornamental Fish - Talk about fish world, of course will appear in our head about the most talked fish. Both of that species is eatable fish and not edible fish. The species of eatable fish usually come from 3 kind of water, they are sea water, freshwater, and brackish water. So do with not edible fish.
For not edible fish must be has many factors why that fish can’t be eaten.

Those factors include:

1.    Poisonous
2.    Harmful to Human Health
3.    Hard to be Processed
4.    Protected Animal Species
5.    Decorative fish

This time, I will talk about Ornamental fish. Decorative fish itself commonly is not edible fish. Decorative fish has esthetic element that will very pity if it should be eaten.

There are 2 of the most reason why people maintaining ornamental fish

1.    As Hobby
2.    As investment

There are so many species of ornamental fish that sale on market, from very cheap ornamental fish to very expensive, with small size to giant. Although can’t be eaten or unethical to eat, ornamental fish still has many benefits for human life.

Here are 5 benefits of maintaining ornamental fish for human life:


1.    As Hobby

The first benefits of maintaining ornamental fish is for hobby. If you have what you like or what your hobbies that must be give you satisfaction. This satisfaction may be get if :
•    Managed to maintain a certain fish species that very loved.
•    Have many collections of ornamental fish.
•    Have long live ornamental fish.
•    See beautiful and clean aquarium with healthy ornamental fish.

2.    Spend Free Time

Like maintain another animals, maintain ornament fish also can spend your free time with positives thing. You also can clean aquarium, look clean aquarium will make your heart calmer.

3.    Stress Reliever

Are you got stress in your work area? Or feel uncomfortable with something in your lives? If that so, maintain ornament fish will help you decrease your stress level. You can put a small aquarium in your work area. Seeing beautiful fish that swim all around the aquarium will make your heart calmer, if you want to see more species of ornamental fishes you have to put them in big aquarium.

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4.    Beautify the Room

The benefits of maintain ornamental fish is include add to the aesthetic and beautify the room. Ornamental fish in aquarium that decorated in good position and combined with furniture will make your room much more beautiful.

5.    As investment

Some species of ornamental fish have unthinkable price. That price has relation with myth that some ornamental fish can bring fortune. You can choose Arowana or Koi that has expensive price. You can buy when it still in small size. When it grows, the prices also grow.

Those are the benefits of maintaining ornamental fish for your live. You can make it as hobbies or to get some money.

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