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The Benefit of Breast-feed for mom's

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The Benefit of Breast-feed for mom's - As natural liquid that naturally processed after woman give birth to their baby, breast milk is the best food for babies. The benefits of breast-feeding not just only for baby, but also for moms. Although breast feed has many benefits, many people don’t want or don’t have time to give breast milk for their baby. Many reason why moms don’t give their baby breast-feed, most of them are because their work.

But now, that reason is not appropriate anymore. Today, there are tools to make milk out and keep it healthy for baby although not drinks in same time. This article will talk about the benefit of breast-feed for mom.

Here are the benefits of breast-feed for moms:  


1.    Make moms and kid closer

Breast-feed will increase mom’s and kid’s relation if did by skin to skin contact. These methods usually are applied for newborns, where mom’s and kid’s skin is directly touch each other. That’s will increase emotional relation between mom and baby.


2.    Help uterus back to normal size

Normally, give breast-feed for baby can make mom’s hormone back to normal condition. If mom’s hormone back to normal, so do the uterus size will back to normal.

3.    Help mom’s body to control bleeding

Another benefit of breast-feeding is help mom’s body to control bleeding after gives birth.


4.    Decrease Risk of Breast Cancer and Uterus Cancer

Let breast milk out from mom’s body will reduce the percentage of cancer for woman especially breast cancer and uterus cancer.

5.    Good for Diet after Give Birth

Breast-feed is consume much calories in mom’s body. That is why breast-feeding will help moms to get old body size.

Those are 5 benefits from give baby breast milk direct from mom’s breast for mom. After read this article let your baby enjoy your breast and your milk, don’t make your baby get another food because your milk is the best food for baby. Not breast-feeding that has many benefits, maintaining Ornament Fish also give you many benefits, here are they..

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